Not my trade, but the trade that I’m working with this week by shooting video for a series of lessons on biointensive agriculture. Also, a trade that I’m trying to learn this week. The shooting video that is. I’m learning that we need spare batteries, learning that we need a tripod, learning that we need a microphone. Feeling pretty smart, we knew these things in advance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shoot for a day and have those lessons reinforced when watching day 1’s video and hearing mostly wind noise.

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  1. Been there — done that, it’s not even as easy as I thought when I tried to video a series of interviews for a non profit that I do some work for.

    Anyway I have no doubt that you will get the hang of it. And a directional microphone is absolutely essential, as is a halogen light source.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words. I just found out this morning that a boom mic was ordered and is on its way, along with spare batteries and a tripod. We’ll get there, as long as I have some time to also learn new editing software. Good thing that I have been wanting to learn all this stuff. :)

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