Big Improvement

Just need the microphone now, and the spare battery and memory card wouldn’t hurt. Fortunately they are waiting for me on location for tomorrow.

Frustrating characters…

…not out in public, just on my couch on a Sunday morning with less than 24 hours until the application is due. Meanwhile, you can check out while I finish editing, and, as I’m changing my tagline to read, more on this to come.

Tools of the trade

Not my trade, but the trade that I’m working with this week by shooting video for a series of lessons on biointensive agriculture. Also, a trade that I’m trying to learn this week. The shooting video that is. I’m learning that we need spare batteries, learning that we need a tripod, learning that we need […]

Do you have 5 minutes to help us win $50k?

I’m working with a great team of former Peace Corps Volunteers and MIT students on a new non-profit. We were selected as semi-finalists in a competition to win up to 0,000, which would get us off the ground. Making it from the top 20 to the top five requires social marketing, because the competition is […]