UPDATE: As of March 28, 2012, the grant is fully funded! Thank you to everyone who donated. If you still want to help in some way or learn more about this information, please contact me.

Michaelene and I finally have our Peace Corps Partnership grant approved and ready for donations at: (linked removed)

From our project description:

“Niños y Niñas de Mexico, A.C., is a civil association committed to improving the conditions of marginalization experienced by many children and their families, who have made the street their workplace. Among other services Niños y Niñas provides scholarships for the children of indigenous Otomí families who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend school. The program mission is to send children working on the streets to school and provide opportunities to develop their abilities to improve their quality of life. Additionally, the program encourages the overall value of education in these families by providing after-school and summer education programs, family literacy workshops, and nutritional programs and health screenings. Many of the children supported will be the first generation in their family to attend school past elementary level. We ask for your contribution to the scholarship fund for the children. All of the money donated will go directly to school inscription fee reimbursement.”

We are raising money to fund the scholarships for the 96 children and youth that are supported by the organization. The money raised will go directly to the families in the form of inscription fee reimbursements. The families pay the inscription, or registration, fees and then bring the receipts to organization for reimbursement.

Some background on the organization:

Niños y Niñas is legally constituted as a non-profit civil association, which started operations in Querétaro in 1998. It has programs in social promotion, health, education, and institutional development. In the more than 12 years of work done by the association, it has served hundreds of children and their families though its various programs. Achievements include: 100% of children are enrolled in official education programs; 100% of children keep on track for their official vaccinations; and the health of the children is otherwise tracked and enhanced by providing supplemental nutrition. Niños y Niñas support an average of 35 medical visits per month, and mothers are trained in workshops – some, such as the Sister’s Stitching Workshop, are especially organized to replace the income formally earned by the children working in the streets.

The Sister’s Stitching Workshop is one of my secondary/community activities that I have written about in the past, where the women embroider designs that Micha and I help assemble into greeting cards, bookmarks, and a variety of seasonal items. It is a wonderful organization that we can help. For between $34 to $130 you can help send a child to elementary school or a youth to high school for one semester, and you can donate more, of course.

Your donation is tax-deductible, and 100% of your contribution not only goes to the project, but also directly to the scholarship funds. The Niños y Niñas organization takes no funds for overhead, and provides all infrastructure and accounting for the program. Write me a comment or an email if you want additional information or have any questions.

The link again for donations:(linked removed)

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