Have solar oven, will travel

Although the climate in the state of Puebla is significantly cloudier and rainier than where I live, I packed up my solar oven and took it with me to a science fair this weekend in a small community there. The fair was organized by another Volunteer for the children and parents at the school where […]

Project Quickie

A.k.a. one day work day at a local children’s home. A group of us tried to make the yard a bit less rocky for the kids to play in, and we much more successfully repainted almost the entire playground. Some other stuff as well, but too tired to go into it now. More later.

After the Big Check… the Weighty Certificate

I like coming up with witty titles too much to not in this case, but actually it was quite an honor to attend and receive a plaque in recognition of the work we having been doing with the solar ovens during the solar oven festival today. The real shame was that Sarah couldn’t be there […]

Secondary Project activity at Niños y Niñas de México, A.C.

I joined another volunteer in one of her secondary project activities yesterday helping Otomi women at the Niños y Niñas de México organization work on they gift-card making project. They make cards that have an embroidered cover with a large variety of designs. The women do the embroidery work then they can bring it in to […]

Furniture delivered…with style

I would like to say that this is the last post about moving in, but I’m very excited about my futon delivery on Thursday, so there will probably be a picture of that as well. These moving-in pictures and posts are what is happening in my life right now, but they are not interesting for […]

Hogar del Joven/Día del Niño

I backed into the perfect activity for Children’s Day this past weekend. A current volunteer brought to our attention a sort of a halfway house for children in one of the northern colonias of the city that desperately needs repairs. She organized a group of current volunteers and trainees to go out and start making […]