This is a bit how I feel today, and not in the sense that I need a haircut. January was a roller-coaster, or at least a street-carnival shooting game.

And if that didn’t look bad enough, there’s always the back.

But don’t worry, there are plenty more cat pictures to come. Also, at some point I will also try to write something about work. As one year in-country approaches with one year of service hot on its heels, the movement through some sort of Peace Corps cycle is interesting. I haven’t figured out how to write about it yet, but I’ve got some time still. In the past two weeks, both the country director and program manager came out to my “site” (a.k.a. office) for visits, so I’ve been trying to balance frankness with fairness/politeness. The visit from my program manager went better than expected, but I’m still left doubtful and a bit nervous that what I have been working hard to build and develop will be harmed if not destroyed.

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