It’s the begin­ning of Sem­ana San­ta here in Mex­i­co. In gen­er­al, it is a week of vaca­tion, but I’m about to tack­le a pile of UN devel­op­ment doc­u­ments over the next day in prepa­ra­tion for a meet­ing on Wednes­day. I need to find/remember/keep my tran­quil­i­ty, because I gen­er­al­ly hate read­ing these types of doc­u­ments which, while hav­ing the best inten­tions, say a lot of noth­ing with a lot of big words. Hope­ful­ly I have a climb­ing trip next week­end to look for­ward to. It’s a bit too hot for chamomile tea, but I can look at the pret­ty flowers.