My guy and I spent a week in Quintana Roo and the Yucatan and successfully achieved my goal of not spending a single minute in the city of Cancun. The airport is conveniently located well outside the city. Instead, we did a wonderful tour which included a mix of beaches, birds, and ruins. Being low-season, we made no reservations except for the first night’s hotel and the rental car, and never had any issue getting a room in our first choice hotel. Of course, in some places only one hotel was open, and we still had a few places to ourselves, or nearly so. We had the Heat as our constant companion though, and its compatriot the Humidity.

Day 1 was in Tulum with its famous cliff-top Mayan ruins. The water color and the setting are impressive, but the site is overall under-whelming. We went early to avoid the crowds, but there were still plenty (i.e. too many) people. So, after a couple of quick hours we decided to drive a bit over 40km down a wonderfully adventurous dirt road literally to the end of the road into the Sian-Ka’an Bioreserve, but more on that tomorrow.

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