After really relaxing into the vacation in Punta Allen, we headed inland for the Mayan ruins portion of the vacation. Our first stop was Cobá, where the site has not been cleared of jungle around the ruins and you can climb to the top of the tallest pyramid (in the whole Yucatan). The town of Cobá was nothing special. Two of the three hotels in town here open, and we chose the one we saw first. We spent the early evening reading by the lake and watching for birds, but only saw a few species.

The next morning, we were up and at the entrance to the ruins 10 minutes after opening to hopefully get some time and pictures without other people. This was a very successful strategy and we had an hour before we saw anyone else, and after that it still didn’t feel crowded. Of course, we were a bit off-trail at times and more interested in taking pictures of birds, enormous spiders, and other critters than the ruins themselves. A very pleasant morning and the jungle keeps everything shady and cool.

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