I was recently asked how I keep my sanity here. My automatic answer is that I run. A lot, by some measures. On my run last evening I realized that I’ve been running to some extent for the last 10 years. Nothing else helps me as much maintain emotional stability and handle stress. This has never been more true that while here in Mexico.

In honor of having run just over 1000 miles this year (because that is so much cooler sounding than saying 1668 km), and needing to let go and throw out old running shoes, I’m commemorating the shoes that have served me well over the last 21 months. I’m actually still on pair number 3 because pair 4 sucks, so I’m just wearing them for days out in the field. I swear I’m not sponsored or endorsing Nike. They just fit my feet well and there is a Nike outlet in town. I will entertain offers though.



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