I was recent­ly asked how I keep my san­i­ty here. My auto­mat­ic answer is that I run. A lot, by some mea­sures. On my run last evening I real­ized that I’ve been run­ning to some extent for the last 10 years. Noth­ing else helps me as much main­tain emo­tion­al sta­bil­i­ty and han­dle stress. This has nev­er been more true that while here in Mexico.

In hon­or of hav­ing run just over 1000 miles this year (because that is so much cool­er sound­ing than say­ing 1668 km), and need­ing to let go and throw out old run­ning shoes, I’m com­mem­o­rat­ing the shoes that have served me well over the last 21 months. I’m actu­al­ly still on pair num­ber 3 because pair 4 sucks, so I’m just wear­ing them for days out in the field. I swear I’m not spon­sored or endors­ing Nike. They just fit my feet well and there is a Nike out­let in town. I will enter­tain offers though.