I’m not one to pretend to have done any research. There are some interesting Mexican culture and culinary blogs out there, and you can google the story of tequila as well as I can. What I would like to present today is my experience in the tequila aisle at a slightly upscale liquor store here in town. My 21 months in Mexico have absolutely given me a fuller appreciation for tequila. After a brief affair with mezcal, I have gone back to tequila and developed more of a taste for it then I ever thought I would. Let’s call it cultural integration. Sure, sure. I still think the state of Oaxaca is amazingly beautiful, but Jalisco’s fire water treats me better.

I was buying a bottle as a gift, that I hopefully get to share, to take home with me for the holidays. I do not mean to imply anything by having two posts in a row featuring liquor. The rum picture from the previous post was one I have had for a while and been meaning to post. The tequila aisle experience is one I have been meaning to document, but I really only buy liquor a few times a year, like 3. Oh, the simplicity of Peace Corps life…

I didn’t drag my real camera to the store, so I only had my iPod camera to somewhat nonchalantly take a bunch of pictures. No one bothered me for the most part. I could pretend that I was taking pictures to remember brands and prices until I tried to take one of the tasting lady. Then I started to get harassed, but only to try a sample. I hadn’t gone for a run yet, so I declined. I think I get left alone a lot of stores for being a kooky foreigner lady, and that is something I cherish when I just need to run my errands and some things done.

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