I’m not one to pre­tend to have done any research. There are some inter­est­ing Mex­i­can cul­ture and culi­nary blogs out there, and you can google the sto­ry of tequi­la as well as I can. What I would like to present today is my expe­ri­ence in the tequi­la aisle at a slight­ly upscale liquor store here in town. My 21 months in Mex­i­co have absolute­ly giv­en me a fuller appre­ci­a­tion for tequila. After a brief affair with mez­cal, I have gone back to tequi­la and devel­oped more of a taste for it then I ever thought I would. Let’s call it cul­tur­al inte­gra­tion. Sure, sure. I still think the state of Oax­a­ca is amaz­ing­ly beau­ti­ful, but Jalis­co’s fire water treats me better.

I was buy­ing a bot­tle as a gift, that I hope­ful­ly get to share, to take home with me for the hol­i­days. I do not mean to imply any­thing by hav­ing two posts in a row fea­tur­ing liquor. The rum pic­ture from the pre­vi­ous post was one I have had for a while and been mean­ing to post. The tequi­la aisle expe­ri­ence is one I have been mean­ing to doc­u­ment, but I real­ly only buy liquor a few times a year, like 3. Oh, the sim­plic­i­ty of Peace Corps life…

I did­n’t drag my real cam­era to the store, so I only had my iPod cam­era to some­what non­cha­lant­ly take a bunch of pic­tures. No one both­ered me for the most part. I could pre­tend that I was tak­ing pic­tures to remem­ber brands and prices until I tried to take one of the tast­ing lady. Then I start­ed to get harassed, but only to try a sam­ple. I had­n’t gone for a run yet, so I declined. I think I get left alone a lot of stores for being a kooky for­eign­er lady, and that is some­thing I cher­ish when I just need to run my errands and some things done.


The tequi­la aisle in all its boun­ty, which is real­ly more of a tequi­la wall. There are a lot of gift bas­kets on the floor because this is only a few days before Christmas.

Let’s start with the basics of the three types. I have no idea if this brand is any good. The bot­tle were just con­ve­nient­ly placed on the shelf to get the shot.

And the prices. These are pesos, so divide by rough­ly 12. It is kind of hard to spend a lot of mon­ey on tequi­la. I’m sure it is pos­si­ble, but it does­n’t come close to the wine world.

Some classy look­ing gentlemen.

Noth­ing like a liquor tast­ing in the mid­dle of the day. Dri­ve to the store, test the vod­kas, move on to the tequi­las, make a pur­chase, and dri­ve home (or take the bus in my case).

And then we move into the free-gift-with-pur­chase realm. These add-ons can get a lit­tle car­ried away. How is elec­tron­ic sudoku a good idea with tequila?

Backgam­mon I kind of get, because I have had some good times with a drink or two and this game.

The free shot glass­es are very appro­pri­ate, but just because you put it in a shot glass does­n’t mean you can’t sip it. Stop doing shots. That is stupid.

Not a bad pack­age with a cou­ple of decent glass­es thrown in. Fan­cy glass­es to let you know that this tequi­la is not for doing shots with. How­ev­er, I fear they are just try­ing to make up for less than impres­sive faux-met­al bottle.

No extras here, but just enough rib­bon to be a bit spe­cial as a gift.

Maybe you aren’t swayed by the cheesy games or glass­es. How about a good old fash­ioned 2‑for‑1 deal? Keep in mind that this is 1.4 liters of tequi­la for rough­ly 11 dollars.

Or, maybe you don’t need a whole, big extra bot­tle, just a lit­tle one. You know, for the road. (Prob­a­bly not, in all seri­ous­ness. I don’t want to imply irre­spon­si­bil­i­ty on the parts of the companies.)

Some of the bot­tles are beau­ti­ful, and some are good tequi­la too.

Even after mak­ing fun of the fan­cy bot­tles and mar­ket­ing, I still want­ed to buy this one because of the box.

Mov­ing to the back of the store, noth­ing says classy like 5 liters of tequi­la in a garrafon.

Or maybe just 3 liters.

But, I chose some­thing much classier, and I real­ly hope this is the one I had in Mex­i­co City last week. It was deli­cious, with hints of vanil­la. I think. It was my last tequi­la of the evening instead of my first.