Local Flavor

Also known as Eeyore’s Birthday Party. Not that the name makes any more sense, but this year was the 50th annual celebration. Oh Austin. You can google the actual event and read the history. I tried to mostly stay away from just taking pictures of wacky people, so I focused on wacky animals and their people […]

SXSW 2013 – a first-timer’s film festival wrap-up.

Counting shorts, I managed to see 41 movies in 8 days. Of course, looking back at the screening list, there are so many more that I wish I had seen. However, in those days I could sit no more, nor absorb more visual input. It was great and very intense. Only a bit of movie […]

SXSW 2013 – first days at a film festival

I’m taking a short break from reality to take advantage of SXSW being in town. Since it is spring break, I have a partner in crime who doesn’t have to work, since she teaches, and is the perfect movie-going companion for an unemployed gal. The program of movies alone is overwhelming, and that doesn’t even […]

Let’s talk about tequila

I’m not one to pretend to have done any research. There are some interesting Mexican culture and culinary blogs out there, and you can google the story of tequila as well as I can. What I would like to present today is my experience in the tequila aisle at a slightly upscale liquor store here […]

Lessons from the Ancients

I finally made it to the famous National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. It is an overwhelmingly impressive collection, so of course I’m going to have to make light of it. But really, it was great and a must see like everyone says. I probably should have paid for the audio guide, but I […]

Craft break

While killing some time during a day of surveys for the stove SPA project, we stopped outside a small shop in town. I was waiting in the car looking through the door at an array of sweaters and blankets on the walls while our counterpart when in to talk to someone. It was too intriguing […]

Day of the Dead 2012 – Marigolds and Altars

Walking around town this year, I think that the Day of the Dead altars are still beautiful and well-crafted, but they seem smaller or less elaborate. To separate this year’s photos from last year’s, I’m more focused on the marigolds. These are the traditional flowers use to honor the dead and are used on the […]

Nice to have a few days at home

After keeping my fridge mostly empty for the past month while I have been traveling every few days, it is nice to be able to go to the local market to restock. The scene can get a bit wild on the weekends, and I finally had the courage to sneak a bunch of photos with […]

More Acrobatics!

Both a demand of life in general and an exclamation about the show Puntos Suspensivos by the Mermejita Circus last night. Wonderful, simply wonderful. Also, how I feel lately about the twists and turns in all my projects, and then the title is read as an exasperated sigh.

The morning routine

Before coffee: Coffee is ready!!!: First sip, still fuzzy: A few sips in: Ready to go:   My apologies to the wonderful Tomomi Morimoto for slightly rearranging the order and certainly misinterpreting the meaning of her performance and for my own purposes.