Well, as expect­ed, I’m falling far­ther and far­ther behind in my efforts to edit and upload pho­tos each day. The days are get­ting longer as we slow­ly pull out of win­ter and as each day’s activ­i­ties and the evening dra­ma of the camp extends into my sleep time. I’m actu­al­ly tak­ing the week­end off to hope­ful­ly climb a moun­tain, and I feel a bit guilty, but I have to stare at the beau­ti­ful moun­tain every day and it is call­ing to me. (Actu­al­ly, now that Sun­day evening is basi­cal­ly over, I can say that didn’t hap­pen. It is okay though because the con­di­tions were just not right. Also, it was real­ly good to get back to camp. I have ter­ri­ble guilt over the time that I missed.)

Back to day 3, which was Oppor­tu­ni­ties day full of pre­sen­ta­tions about schol­ar­ships and uni­ver­si­ty pro­grams, and a crit­i­cal think­ing activ­i­ty where 8 girls were put in a “lifeboat” where only 7  could sur­vive. So, each girl had to present her argu­ment about why she should be kept in the boat. It was to get them think­ing about their val­ue and plans for the future. It was inter­est­ing to hear a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent takes on this activ­i­ty. First, were lots of respons­es like “I will keep study­ing and work to improve the rights of women” and then the sec­ond round was more like “I’m a sin­gle moth­er, and I need to stay in the boat because oth­er­wise my chil­dren will be alone.” The lat­ter set of respons­es was invent­ed, and a bit prompt­ed by the activ­i­ty orga­niz­er. An inter­est­ing shift…

There were also pre­sen­ta­tions about schol­ar­ship oppor­tu­ni­ties for high­er edu­ca­tion in Mex­i­co, but this has led to some inter­est­ing dis­cus­sions with some of the men­tors and orga­niz­ers that I will get into when I post about Day 4. The dis­cus­sions have to do with how to define what is best for these girls, and then real­ly lead to how to define hap­pi­ness.


Yoga to start the day!

The camp orga­niz­ers pre­pare their tal­ent show rou­tine. At this point, I was glad to be skip­ping the event. After see­ing the pics from the day though, I felt a bit guilty that I missed it. They wrote a song about us!

The pre­sen­ta­tion before a “lifeboat” exer­cise to get every­one think­ing about their val­ues and some crit­i­cal think­ing exer­cis­es.

Active engage­ment get­ting the girls to write and take lots of notes — we like pre­sen­ters like this!

The “lifeboat” exer­cise, where each group dis­cussed why each per­son should be in the boat — what they have to offer, their plans for the future, how they will work to bet­ter soci­ety and their com­mu­ni­ties.

Anoth­er lifeboat

A pre­sen­ta­tion about all types of schol­ar­ships avail­able in Mex­i­co.

Pre­sen­ta­tion from IBERO, a uni­ver­si­ty here in Mex­i­co, about spe­cial pro­grams and schol­ar­ships, espe­cial­ly an inter­est­ing pro­gram in rur­al devel­op­ment.