Well, as expected, I’m falling farther and farther behind in my efforts to edit and upload photos each day. The days are getting longer as we slowly pull out of winter and as each day’s activities and the evening drama of the camp extends into my sleep time. I’m actually taking the weekend off to hopefully climb a mountain, and I feel a bit guilty, but I have to stare at the beautiful mountain every day and it is calling to me. (Actually, now that Sunday evening is basically over, I can say that didn’t happen. It is okay though because the conditions were just not right. Also, it was really good to get back to camp. I have terrible guilt over the time that I missed.)

Back to day 3, which was Opportunities day full of presentations about scholarships and university programs, and a critical thinking activity where 8 girls were put in a “lifeboat” where only 7  could survive. So, each girl had to present her argument about why she should be kept in the boat. It was to get them thinking about their value and plans for the future. It was interesting to hear a couple of different takes on this activity. First, were lots of responses like “I will keep studying and work to improve the rights of women” and then the second round was more like “I’m a single mother, and I need to stay in the boat because otherwise my children will be alone.” The latter set of responses was invented, and a bit prompted by the activity organizer. An interesting shift…

There were also presentations about scholarship opportunities for higher education in Mexico, but this has led to some interesting discussions with some of the mentors and organizers that I will get into when I post about Day 4. The discussions have to do with how to define what is best for these girls, and then really lead to how to define happiness.

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