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Camp Mariposas - Day 3

Camp Mariposas — Day 3

Well, as expect­ed, I’m falling far­ther and far­ther behind in my efforts to edit and upload pho­tos each day. The days are get­ting longer as we slow­ly pull out of win­ter and as each day’s activ­i­ties and the evening dra­ma of the camp extends into my sleep time. I’m actu­al­ly tak­ing the week­end off to...
Camp Mariposas - Day 1

Camp Mariposas — Day 1

I’m going to repeat some Face­book infor­ma­tion here because not every­one uses, or needs to use, that par­tic­u­lar site (or be con­nect­ed to me on that site). How­ev­er, I can give more back­ground and infor­ma­tion here. For this whole week, I’m help­ing at a friend’s lead­er­ship and empow­er­ment camp for young women here in Mex­i­co. The full...
The Some Birds

The Some Birds

The title is in hon­or of my good friends and the great times vis­it­ing them, and even help­ing them with a work event. The tequi­la and movie-going were fan­tas­tic, but I also had a good time work­ing at the city park where they were assigned and try­ing to wran­gle group after group of teenagers to lis­ten to a short...
That's quite a view you have there

That’s quite a view you have there

Noth­ing like an active vol­cano to real­ly make the work­day more inter­est­ing, that, and get­ting to work out­side for a day.  
One bird at a time

One bird at a time

After the fair in Puebla last Fri­day, I joined the local bird­ers on a day trip to the La Mal­inche Nation­al Park. We had a nice walk through a wood­ed bar­ran­ca. Wood­ed was the key word, and even with the big lens I did­n’t end up with so many good pic­tures. The flow­ers and but­ter­flies were much more cooperative.
Lazy Sunday = relaxing, not photo inspiring

Lazy Sunday = relaxing, not photo inspiring

I did­n’t pull out my real cam­era once over the week­end. Still a great time was had by all, espe­cial­ly just sit­ting in the sunshine.
My first real use of incidental leave - visit to Puebla

My first real use of incidental leave — visit to Puebla

I got back late last night from a great week­end in Puebla vis­it­ing my best girl­friend and co-vol­un­teer. We did­n’t even real­ly do any­thing except catch up, and that was per­fect. I only messed up a lit­tle on the way back, because I thought that I had bought my bus tick­et online the day before, except that I did­n’t see the...