There’s always something else

Well, my new Texas driver’s license says that I am officially a resident. It’s nice to be back to reading a paper each morning, including the crossword in a language where I stand a chance. Sundays seem to just disappear into the big ones. Still, I didn’t expect it to be like this… What is […]

Well now, that’s a bit different

I started editing the pics I took of all my stuff while packing, but they still throw me into a bit of a panic attack, even knowing that everything fit and all the travels went smoothly. So, in the meantime… Ewok dog makes a great temporary substitute for my cat. And now, onward to the […]

Just hiding out for a few days

Quiet holidays and New Year’s, but now there are plenty of things in the works. So, I’m keeping my head down, finishing up a whole bunch of stuff, and doing some light cat-sitting in the meanwhile. More soon. Much more, very soon. Happy New Year and all that.

I think I’ve been spotted…

Maybe I can just blend into the scenery… What if I smile like this? Or is that creepy? Ah geez, I’m going to end up stuffed on somebody’s side table like Uncle George. Aren’t I now… I’m just working on a bit of this and that, so nothing so interesting to report. However, I am […]

From the “Why did it take me so long?” files

Why did it take me a year and a half to realize that the fruit salad I’ve been watching the juice lady across the street make is (1) awesome and (2) 15 pesos (US$1.20)? As lunch, this really helped pull my day together. Today was a fruit, yogurt, and amaranth day (but granola and honey […]

Nice to have a few days at home

After keeping my fridge mostly empty for the past month while I have been traveling every few days, it is nice to be able to go to the local market to restock. The scene can get a bit wild on the weekends, and I finally had the courage to sneak a bunch of photos with […]

Birds of my Neighborhood

You’ve already met the cat that stalks them or dreams of stalking them, so now it’s time to give some attention to the birds that hang around my neighborhood. Mainly, it was just really nice on my terrace the other evening, so I decided to hang out there for a while and take some pics. […]

Critical Mass in Mexico

Or, as it is known here, Saca la Bici. It passes my window every Wednesday evening and I often watch them go without my camera. Finally I more than just got off my duff to stick myself and my camera out the window. Now I just need a bicycle to join them.  

In like a lion

How’s about I like lyin’ in my basket. hahahahahaha. No seriously, I had a request for more cat pics. I swear.

The problem when it’s not your camera…

… is that you don’t have any of the pictures to work with after the trip is over. Instead, I’m at the whim of my guy to choose and send me some. Still, what is worse is arriving home at 11:30pm to an apartment where the power has been cut because the power bill did […]