Well, my new Texas driver’s license says that I am officially a resident. It’s nice to be back to reading a paper each morning, including the crossword in a language where I stand a chance. Sundays seem to just disappear into the big ones. Still, I didn’t expect it to be like this…


What is a Chiweenie? Oh dear lord. Then I googled it. The poor things. That should not have been done. I’m residing with an exceptionally cute Shih-tzu who looks just like an Ewok and is becoming a better bed companion each night. Although, I suspect that I am the one adapting. I’ve become acquainted with Labradoodles and their cousins the Golden Doodles, whose name I object to on perversion-sounding grounds. Who wants a dog that sounds like a fetish? Why do they have to keep adding “Poo” onto the names? DoxiePoo? Oh, ok, that one at least makes a little sense.

Also, goats for sale. Follow other links in the pic at your own peril. FULL blood. Makes me think the poor puppies are for snacking purposes. Stupid True Blood, I finished watching you months ago.

Some of the names are great, but more are just ridiculous: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/hybriddog/internationaldesignercanineregistryidcr.htm

Bolonoodle? Really? Although, the Bernedoodle looks pretty great, unless you insist on calling it a Bernese Mountain Poo. That is something you have to do sometimes when camping in the Alps.

This whole post is what happens when you are experiencing momentary job search burn-out. I’ve emptied enough brain cells to return to the task now. My apologies.

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  1. Don’t get too used to the Shih-tzu, you’ve got a very cute cat just waiting for you to take her back into your world & bed at night. I’m not sure they’d be too thrilled to share!

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