Well, my new Texas dri­ver’s license says that I am offi­cial­ly a res­i­dent. It’s nice to be back to read­ing a paper each morn­ing, includ­ing the cross­word in a lan­guage where I stand a chance. Sun­days seem to just dis­ap­pear into the big ones. Still, I did­n’t expect it to be like this…


What is a Chi­wee­nie? Oh dear lord. Then I googled it. The poor things. That should not have been done. I’m resid­ing with an excep­tion­al­ly cute Shih-tzu who looks just like an Ewok and is becom­ing a bet­ter bed com­pan­ion each night. Although, I sus­pect that I am the one adapt­ing. I’ve become acquaint­ed with Labradoo­dles and their cousins the Gold­en Doo­dles, whose name I object to on per­ver­sion-sound­ing grounds. Who wants a dog that sounds like a fetish? Why do they have to keep adding “Poo” onto the names? Dox­iePoo? Oh, ok, that one at least makes a lit­tle sense.

Also, goats for sale. Fol­low oth­er links in the pic at your own per­il. FULL blood. Makes me think the poor pup­pies are for snack­ing pur­pos­es. Stu­pid True Blood, I fin­ished watch­ing you months ago.

Some of the names are great, but more are just ridicu­lous: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/hybriddog/internationaldesignercanineregistryidcr.htm

Bolonoo­dle? Real­ly? Although, the Berne­doo­dle looks pret­ty great, unless you insist on call­ing it a Bernese Moun­tain Poo. That is some­thing you have to do some­times when camp­ing in the Alps.

This whole post is what hap­pens when you are expe­ri­enc­ing momen­tary job search burn-out. I’ve emp­tied enough brain cells to return to the task now. My apologies.