Into the wild(er) slightly more northern parts

I had a spur-of-the-moment chance to make a quick visit to the lovely state of Aguascalientes recently. I’ve been meaning to visit the Volunteer living up there, but scheduling these trips is tricky, unless you can just go with the flow and take the last-minute opportunity. This is now the most northerly part of Mexico […]

Planta Madre

Planta Madre is a group committed the conservation, cultivation, replanting of cactus and medicinal plants in the Bernal area of the state of Querétaro. The work in the protected area of the Peña de Bernal and have a large production greenhouse in San Antonio de la Cal. The group has been in existence for 6-7 […]

Happy Cactus Day

I had a happy cactus day. I’m not trying to imply that Cactus Day is an actual holiday, but it might be. Also, not that I need another project, but when Sarah makes a great contact and the opportunity involves going to Bernal to check out rare cacti, I’m in. At least this is starting […]