I had a spur-of-the-moment chance to make a quick visit to the lovely state of Aguascalientes recently. I’ve been meaning to visit the Volunteer living up there, but scheduling these trips is tricky, unless you can just go with the flow and take the last-minute opportunity. This is now the most northerly part of Mexico we are allowed to travel to since the states of Zacatecas and San Luis Potosí are now off-limits. This is a huge shame since the SLP state is enormous and has some amazing parts that I was looking forward to seeing again (see these couple of posts). We have gained back the state of Oaxaca, where we formerly just had access to the city and the beaches. That helps, since Oaxaca is pretty amazing.

So, I ventured to the north for two very interesting days full of great food, nature and Spanish. The last two are always needed, but especially after almost exclusively English-filled, movie-going holiday weeks. Not that I’m complaining, those were great too.

I went on a tour of the state tree nursery with a great cactus garden and plenty of birds. Comida was at a nice seafood restaurant with a great view at sunset. There was some work to be done the second day, but I managed to get in another great comida before I hopped the bus home. Another way to judge how great a trip it was is by the number of quality photos to come from just a weekend. So, here we go.

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