This is crazy… but you called me, maybe?

Sometimes you just have to take the call. As someone in the midst of the job search, I certainly understand the importance of a phone call. So, I didn’t mind that our beautiful Saturday ride down to the beach was occasionally interrupted to finish making evening plans. I don’t think this is what was initially […]

Wish they all could be California birds

After travelling all night and trying to jump back into work yesterday, I might still be a touch grumpy, which is the usual state upon return to Mexico after visiting M. in California. We had a few great days together with a lot of birdwatching around Lake Tahoe and in the Bay area. This time, […]

Big sized fun

Or, fun with a macro lens in California, part one. It takes so long to edit pictures. All I have done right now is like a tenth of the bird pics and this one. So, this one will have to do as a placeholder while I keep editing.

The body and mind

They are willing, but the skin cannot hold – in the Buttermilks. I made much better progress on a project (Solarium, V4) in the Happys yesterday. I very nearly had it, but the top sloper was just a bit too slippery in the hot afternoon sun.

Not a bad way to start

My visit to California is off to a beautiful start. Now, onwards to Bishop! Good thing  I brought the zoom lens back for a visit too.