After trav­el­ling all night and try­ing to jump back into work yes­ter­day, I might still be a touch grumpy, which is the usu­al state upon return to Mex­i­co after vis­it­ing M. in Cal­i­for­nia. We had a few great days togeth­er with a lot of bird­watch­ing around Lake Tahoe and in the Bay area. This time, I took my cam­era so that we could have duel­ing zoom lens­es; although it isn’t much of a con­test con­sid­er­ing how much bet­ter his cam­era is than mine, which was his cam­era and zoom lens until he upgrad­ed both. Well, maybe the zoom lens upgrade was forced by me hog­ging the lens down here, but seri­ous­ly, how could I go see the but­ter­flies or Isla Isabel with­out a big lens? Any­way, it was a lot of fun, and I have plen­ty of good pho­tos, even con­sid­er­ing my dis­ad­van­taged cir­cum­stances. I am still plan­ning on using a (large) part of my reset­tle­ment allowance, which I receive upon fin­ish­ing PC ser­vice, on a new camera.

The miss­ing bird species are com­ing. There are quite a few types of jays and lit­tle brown birds, and of course Google has decid­ed that my com­put­er is send­ing auto­mat­ed queries and will not process my requests. No Captcha or any­thing, just com­put­er says no. No bird species search­es for you. Ah, so great to be back.

The birds are the major­i­ty of the pho­tos from the trip, but I will post a few oth­ers over the next week. Work is crazy busy, most­ly in a good way, but I also have Mid-Ser­vice Train­ing next week. Although the instinc­tu­al feel­ing is dread, actu­al­ly only one day on the sched­ule looks bru­tal. All the oth­ers might actu­al­ly be use­ful and inter­est­ing. Still, I would rather be mul­ti-task­ing then falling asleep. Sigh. I’m def­i­nite­ly grumpy. I have stayed pos­i­tive on MST for the most part, or at least pri­vate. I’m help­ing orga­nize a com­mu­ni­ty devel­op­ment ses­sion, so I’m opti­mistic about that ses­sion and day because we are going to be talk­ing with one of the wom­en’s group in a com­mu­ni­ty from the solar stove project. Now, back to fin­ish­ing the effi­cient cook­stove grant, orga­niz­ing the solar stove data, and work­ing on the ama­ranth group’s data­base. oof.