Sometimes you just have to take the call. As someone in the midst of the job search, I certainly understand the importance of a phone call. So, I didn’t mind that our beautiful Saturday ride down to the beach was occasionally interrupted to finish making evening plans.

I don’t think this is what was initially envisioned for the iPad minis, but it is great. Also, I was in San Francisco for a few days, back in Austin now. I probably shouldn’t say it, but I was glad to not have to deal with the craziness in the street had the Superbowl gone the other way. I was staying a block off of Mission and all the roads were closed down after the game, but things stayed quiet. I didn’t even realize I was going to be in town for the event until way too late (like 3 days beforehand).



Thanks to my awesome buddies, hosts, and models – Autumn and Bernd. It was great to see you!

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