A new perspective

After visiting the place many times over roughly a year and a half and climbing there for nearly as long, the one thing that was missing from my Bernal experience was actually climbing up the whole damn thing. Well check that off my list in a most pleasant way. We picked one of the classic […]

A new day

From Isla Isabel, Nayarit. I finally got around to assembling the time-lapse video. It’s been a pretty quiet week otherwise. Busy, but quiet. [vimeo http://vimeo.com/41466873 w=500&h=400] Apparently I bumped the camera a couple of times. Still, for a first attempt at time-lapse video and manually timing each shot, I’m happy.  

Local Crag Sunday (Issue #5b)

In which Sarah and I meet a new climbing crew (go blog power!) and have a bush-whacking backtrack adventure before getting to the pretty, pretty routes. Karen has a power lead day, albeit on nothing harder than probably a 10b, but still has a great day on lead even through another blazing hot day probably over […]

(Pre-)Local Crag Sunday (Issue #5a)

In which it really is just too hot to climb properly, but Sarah and I have a great time biking our way out to the local crag and nearly kill Billie the dog. Billie is a trooper though, and recovers while Sarah and I suffer through a few routes. All is well though, and really we […]

Local Crag Sunday (Issue #4)

In which Sarah and I get up early to meet our ride to the not-so-local, but very nice-for-a-change crag, Billie romps and holds her own with a host of other dogs and discovers the joy of tuna-water*, and Sarah and I rediscover our love for the pure and simple joy of top-roping [portfolio_slideshow size=large autoplay=false […]

Local Crag Sunday (Issue #2)

In which Sarah and I spend the first hour looking for a stubbornly misplaced Billie, pay too much for a cab to the crag, and then watch as Karen somehow drops a draw from the wall as she is clipping in. Overall, a fine Sunday morning, even if I did suffer a bit because I […]

Local Crag Sunday (Issue #1)

In which Sarah and I finally have a rope and gear, find our way with the bus to the closest local crag, and Sarah forgets her harness and shoes but manages to borrow one from fellow climbers. Never to be defeated, we shall return for more! Stayed tuned for the future adventures of the dawn patrol.