Bad influence

If only I could say that this wasn’t one of several similarly-sized stacks of treats to return with me. It’s for presents. Sure, presents. Except, I can’t give the squished ones away.Dino made me do it. Dragged me all over the grocery store.  

Eat, Pray, Dinosaur

I know. I know. I’m supposed to be transitioning to more professional material on the blog while I am still searching for employment, but I was given a new dinosaur! In miniature! Perfect for new photo projects. We did some baking today – after I did my yoga and sent out a couple of cover […]

Holiday Time

Being with family for the holidays is always a special, largely food-filled time. I’ve finally found the appropriate clock for telling holiday time.

Mixed messages

From a small town butcher’s shop, a basic “do unto others” message with ominous visuals. It really is just best to pay at the time of purchase.  

From the “Why did it take me so long?” files

Why did it take me a year and a half to realize that the fruit salad I’ve been watching the juice lady across the street make is (1) awesome and (2) 15 pesos (US$1.20)? As lunch, this really helped pull my day together. Today was a fruit, yogurt, and amaranth day (but granola and honey […]

Representative food

This weekend is Mexican Independence Day, and the traditional food around this time is a dish called chiles en nogada consisting of stuffed poblano chiles with a cream sauce and pomegranate seeds. So, the colors of the Mexican flag are clearly represented. It’s quite rich, but I have played around with my own versions a […]


It’s been a slow week with a decided lack of decent snack food. Besides, these were the craziest pancakes I’ve ever seen, and they took like 20 minutes to make. Spotted while traveling a few weeks ago. Now I headed back to the kitchen to do some dishes and raid my peanut butter and nutella […]

Just that type of day

Sigh. I had to buy some chips and a soda. It’s only Wednesday. Sigh. Of course, I also went for a fairly nice to run to balance things out. Didn’t completely work. Onto a bit of gin now. I’m ready for a vacation, but that is still weeks away.

Goal 4

To be present and assist where ever there is dessert to be found.

Uninspired to cook

When it gets hot I just don’t feel like cooking. But I’m still hungry, so I’m kind of stuck. Also, I’m doing data entry for the solar cookstove project, which is uninspiring for the moment. Although, I expect the results to be interesting (perhaps even fascinating). So, here are two pics from the last cookstove […]