I know. I know. I’m supposed to be transitioning to more professional material on the blog while I am still searching for employment, but I was given a new dinosaur! In miniature! Perfect for new photo projects. We did some baking today – after I did my yoga and sent out a couple of cover letters and resumés, of course. You can decide which of those two activities involved more prayer.


Always bake responsibly. Those carbs'll kill ya. Or just run more and enjoy!

Dino baker tool inspection. Always insure that your implements are ready to go.

mmmm... health fats. Dino baker always wants to experiment with new ingredients.

I think I'm going to like this stuff...

and suddenly, things took a turn... how do I find myself in these situations?

Are you telling me you wouldn't also go for a swim in a pool of brown sugar given the chance?

We're going to need a bigger spoon.

Microplanes are the best. And carrots in muffins. And miniature dinosaurs.

Mt. Fuji (apple). Pffft. Yeah, I summited.

Just give it a little taste. It won't hurt. Oh, and the last one is overfilled.

Are you sure you set the timer correctly? These fancy ovens can be tricky for you I know.

Too hot to handle? Wait until you've lived through mass extinction, then you can talk to me about too hot to handle.