I’m working with a great team of former Peace Corps Volunteers and MIT students on a new non-profit. We were selected as semi-finalists in a competition to win up to 0,000, which would get us off the ground. Making it from the top 20 to the top five requires social marketing, because the competition is hosted by Facebook, but sponsored by Intel. Could you please spend five minutes helping us advance to the finals by supporting us on Facebook?

If you have the time, I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me out really quickly by donating points to my team “Optimis Modis” in the Intel Innovators Competition on Facebook by December 28th!


  1. Go here (link removed)
  2. Click start, allow the app, follow the instructions, and invest points in the Pitch Room.
Thank you very much for your support! If you have any feedback on how the process goes, I would love to hear it. Please leave a comment below or use the “Contact Me” link on my homepage.If you’re interested in the goal of the non-profit, here it is: We want to share best-practices between non-profits. The idea came out of the recognition that many Peace Corps Volunteers struggle to be effective during their first year of service, simply because they are figuring out how things work, and what really needs to be done. Of course the Peace Corps has worked around the world for 50 years, mostly in the same kinds of programs…so why are so many PCV’s reinventing the wheel? With today’s free technologies, there is no excuse that those lessons-learned can’t be shared between individuals and organizations working to make a difference. That is what we hope to do. If we help the average PCV accelerate their learning curve from nine months to six months, the result would have a massive impact, and that’s just within one development organization.

Our organization is called Optimis Modis, which is Latin for best practices.

Thank you for spending a few minutes helping us realize our goals!

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