Getting out more

From the Sierra Gorda de Guanajuato where I spent the last 2 days working, although it doesn’t feel like work when the setting is so beautiful.      

Late night banana-cart chronicles

It was late. Not so late that the streets were empty, but empty enough for a lone roasted banana-cart salesman. From outside my front window, I heard a screaming whistle that impelled me to the front window to investigate. Looking down to the street I immediately recognized the source, but it was still a strange […]

What’s mine is yours

Of course, I’m referring to the upcoming pictures in this post from the just-ended, and thanks to Aeromexico, extended visit by my guy. He arrived on Thanksgiving, and we had 5+ days together for his first visit to Mexico and our second visit since I arrived here in March. I am so happy that it […]

Visit to Oaxaca – Puppies and Tlayudas, but separate.

When I received a last-minute invitation to Oaxaca last week, it took me a few hours to accept, because I was supposed to go work with the bees on Saturday. However, it was a long weekend because of the independence day holiday on Friday, and this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. […]

Take 2: Camping and Climbing

This time the plan was camp, climb, fiesta, maybe more climbing. However, looking back to Friday, my stomach was already a bit off. The (nearly) 3-hour run on Friday probably didn’t help. In fact, it kind of destroyed me. Maybe an ominous portent for Saturday, I had no energy to post about my success for […]

Arrival in Mexico

I have many new photos to upload, but I am still trying to get my internet routine back to a regular schedule, in addition to learning Spanish for something like 6 hours a day and absorbing all the other information of a new Peace Corps Trainee. So, it is about a week delayed, but here […]