Of course, I’m refer­ring to the upcom­ing pic­tures in this post from the just-end­ed, and thanks to Aeromex­i­co, extend­ed vis­it by my guy. He arrived on Thanks­giv­ing, and we had 5+ days togeth­er for his first vis­it to Mex­i­co and our sec­ond vis­it since I arrived here in March. I am so hap­py that it is only 22 days until I leave for our Christ­mas vis­it. We did­n’t do a lot dur­ing his vis­it, except for a day-trip to the Sier­ra Gor­da and a cou­ple of arche­o­log­i­cal zones. We were back to shar­ing a cam­era, so who can real­ly tell whose pic­tures are whose? I’m going to take cred­it for all of the best ones, of course. I guess I can acknowl­edge that the pic­tures with me in them were not tak­en by me. We were a five­some with Sarah and her Novio, and Sarah’s dog Bil­lie. Bil­lie has grown an incred­i­ble amount since Oax­a­ca, and of course tried to steal all the atten­tion. How­ev­er, the two sets of pyra­mids around San Joaquin are very nice and total­ly dif­fer­ent from the ones near Mex­i­co City. These ruins are on top of the moun­tains. I would espe­cial­ly rec­om­mend Toluquil­la. It was an amaz­ing­ly tran­quil spot with great views of the sur­round­ing Sier­ra Gorda.

It actu­al­ly turned rather cold here for the rest of the vis­it, but that was fine since we could just eat good food and hang out in my apart­ment. I know the tacos were tasty and impres­sive to M., but I can bare­ly describe how excit­ed I am for fon­due in Zurich in 3 weeks. I am going to run as much as pos­si­ble over these next few weeks to pre­pare for all the cheese, choco­late, and biberli.