After the Galapagos and Ecuadorian jungle I’ve thought about starting a life list for birding. I don’t just want a text file though. I would like a database program that I could import pictures into, list the location and date, and have it all searchable. I also pass of the l laziness as wanting/needing a reference book. I can start here though, with this tropical bird, one of  my favorite bird pictures from Ecuador:


The birders in the jungle were tiring by the end, but they had a good point about starting the life list now. Paragliding, birding, scuba… these are on the list for activities to start or continue when actual activities are no longer possible. Is there good, free birding software out there? I did some quick searching, but too many of the webpages for software looked like they were from 1998. I did an iPhone app search and found a few nice-lookings ones, but I won’t pay $9.99 without being able to test it out first.

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