After the Gala­pa­gos and Ecuado­ri­an jun­gle I’ve thought about start­ing a life list for bird­ing. I don’t just want a text file though. I would like a data­base pro­gram that I could import pic­tures into, list the loca­tion and date, and have it all search­able. I also pass of the l lazi­ness as wanting/needing a ref­er­ence book. I can start here though, with this trop­i­cal bird, one of  my favorite bird pic­tures from Ecuador:


The bird­ers in the jun­gle were tir­ing by the end, but they had a good point about start­ing the life list now. Paraglid­ing, bird­ing, scu­ba… these are on the list for activ­i­ties to start or con­tin­ue when actu­al activ­i­ties are no longer pos­si­ble. Is there good, free bird­ing soft­ware out there? I did some quick search­ing, but too many of the web­pages for soft­ware looked like they were from 1998. I did an iPhone app search and found a few nice-look­ings ones, but I won’t pay $9.99 with­out being able to test it out first.