Out of the theater

And into the near-summer brightness and heat on this last day of “Spring Break.” My SXSW film round-up will be coming soon. First, my first birds of Texas! A Golden-cheeked Warbler and a Northern Cardinal.

Into the wild(er) slightly more northern parts

I had a spur-of-the-moment chance to make a quick visit to the lovely state of Aguascalientes recently. I’ve been meaning to visit the Volunteer living up there, but scheduling these trips is tricky, unless you can just go with the flow and take the last-minute opportunity. This is now the most northerly part of Mexico […]

The Some Birds

The title is in honor of my good friends and the great times visiting them, and even helping them with a work event. The tequila and movie-going were fantastic, but I also had a good time working at the city park where they were assigned and trying to wrangle group after group of teenagers to […]

85,000 birds in the sky – the River of Raptors

Or, more specifically, 85,591 including: 33,376 Turkey vultures 7 Swallow-tailed kites 1 Mississippi Kite 8 Norther Harriers 29 Sharp-shinned hawks 39 Cooper’s hawks 2 Gray hawks 5109 Broad-winged hawks 41,864 Swainson’s hawks 16 American kestrels 5 Peregrine falcons 5135 Unknown raptors Details here. See: All of this was in just one day observing the Río […]

Yucatan Peninsula – Day 6 – Isla Holbox

We were done early after our birding tour in Rio Lagartos, and so we headed for our second relaxing day on the beach on Isla Holbox. It is a quick ferry ride from Chiquila to the island, and then we walked down the sand streets to the beach and found a hotel. This was our […]

Yucatan Peninsula – Day 5 – Rio Lagartos

Birds, birds, birds. Rio Lagartos is another town at the end of the road, but this time on a lagoon. The area is known for birdwatching, and it is another protected Mexican biosphere reserve. Along with Celestun, this is one of the places to find large flamingo colonies. We didn’t see the thousands of flamingos […]

Preview – Day 5 – Rio Lagartos

I don’t have the time to finish editing all of the Rio Lagartos pictures today, but since they are the super-awesome bird shots, I wanted to put up a couple of teasers. Back soon with many more flamingos. That’s one kick-ass tiger heron.

Yucatan Peninsula – Day 2 – Punta Allen

Step 1. Leave Tulum heading south. Stay on the coastal road. Step 2. Drive to end of road. Step 3. Once in town, drive to end of road. Step 4. Stay in beach cabana on practically private beach. Requirements: faith that the town really exists at the end of the road and bug repellent. Snorkel […]

Time to run some of this ceviche off

And get to editing. Back from the Yucatan and Quintana Roo and feeling relief from the heat and humidity. Sometimes a week can feel like a nice long time. Lots of amazing birds, sights, food, and time with my guy help. As if the flamingos aren’t teasing enough, the route we took: [mappress mapid=”11″]

Birds of my Neighborhood

You’ve already met the cat that stalks them or dreams of stalking them, so now it’s time to give some attention to the birds that hang around my neighborhood. Mainly, it was just really nice on my terrace the other evening, so I decided to hang out there for a while and take some pics. […]

Cañón del Sabino

No witty title, just pictures and more pictures from the canyon with the military macaw colony. I want to go back with a tripod and really get started at 5am to see the big movement of the birds first thing as they exit the canyon. And, yes, I know that a tripod won’t really help […]

Or, two birds at a time

I have to post one now, because the full set will take a few days to edit. Amazing weekend with the military macaws (guacamayas verdes/ara militaris). Ok, maybe 2 right now. Well, I’ve got 3 edited, so I might as well put them all up. Also, I’m afraid these are the best ones. I have […]