I have been want­i­ng to go to a real ¡Lucha Libre! match since I was intro­duced to the movies of San­to back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. It also hap­pens to be an activ­i­ty in our cul­tur­al pass­port, and it turns out that I’m liv­ing about a 10 minute walk from the are­na. There are match­es every Tues­day appar­ent­ly. It was just too easy, even though the 75 peso entrance tick­et is more than our dai­ly budget.

I did­n’t even stay for the last 2 match­es, but there might be a next time. I real­ly want to see that midget in the par­rot cos­tume. I will prob­a­bly even pay for the upgrade to the floor seats for bet­ter pho­tos next time.

Maybe a lit­tle over­board on the pho­tos, but I could­n’t help myself.