On Sun­day, I went to the clos­ing day of a cul­tur­al exhi­bi­tion on the indige­nous peo­ple Oto­mi-Chichime­cas or ±ahñu. The exhi­bi­tion was high­light­ing the year­ly pil­grim­age of the Otomi-Chichimecas, Ya ximhai xa nsu, which trans­lates to “Ter­ri­to­ries of the sacred or pre­cious land”. I did not actu­al­ly get a chance to see most of the exhib­it, but the cer­e­mo­ny has some nice aspects, which I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to photograph.

I haven’t real­ly done my due dili­gence to be able to explain what I saw or what is going on in the pho­tos. How­ev­er, it was a beau­ti­ful day, I always like the col­or­ful tra­di­tion­al cloth­ing, and it was a nice relax­ing way to spend a cou­ple of hours. I’m slow­ly learn­ing about the his­to­ry of Mex­i­co and the indige­nous peo­ple. I’ll try to be less robot­ic in my first para­graphs in the future.