Apiculture has been a dream hobby of mine now for many years. I’m just fascinated by it. As far as dream hobbies go, I always felt that this one was rather realistic. However, still a little tricky to get into – not the type of thing I wanted to just read about and then buy my way into like origami or print-making, or even photography. When the opportunity to learn beekeeping from a Peace Corps staff member presented itself, who was a beekeeping specialist himself in the Peace Corps, I jumped at the chance. (side note: that is about the sweetest PC assignment I have ever heard of). This morning was my first chance to go out and take a look. For this first time, I was basically just observing while he revised the hives. There are three of them. I did get to help with the smoker, but mainly I wanted to watch and take pictures this time. Next time I can start helping a bit and getting used to handling the frames. I can’t add the “secondary project” tag yet, but I can add a new apiculture one, and I have dreams.

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This part of Mexico is apparently not the best for producing honey. There just aren’t that many melliferous plants for them to feed on. There were concerns about the health of the hives this morning, but I think the results were a bit better than expected. Two of the hives were left with some extra food (sugar-water). They all had some nectar inside, but no honey. I’m hesitant to write too much more because I know so little about apiculture so far. That will be changing. It’s nicer and I’m more motivated to read now that I have a frame of reference.

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  1. Some excellent photos, and it’s great to sense your enthusiasm. I figured you are too young to know the phrase you used for the title. I guess we can start calling you “old woman.”

    1. No, no. I don’t think that type of language is necessary. I prefer to think of myself as well-read. Also, I know you’re just trying to get back at me for a certain “pick it up old man” comment I may or may not have once used as gentle encouragement.

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