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I'm just going to sit here

I’m just going to sit here

Don’t make me decide. It’s too hot to do any­thing but swim. Real­ly  too hot to swim, so I’m just going to sit here.
My what big eyes you have

My what big eyes you have

I need­ed a goal before I began tack­ling some pho­to library orga­ni­za­tion and clean-up this evening. It only took me 4 days to actu­al­ly start after think­ing up the idea. Tedious but nec­es­sary. Find­ing inter­est­ing eyes makes it a bit more bearable.
Local Flavor

Local Flavor

Also known as Eey­ore’s Birth­day Par­ty. Not that the name makes any more sense, but this year was the 50th annu­al cel­e­bra­tion. Oh Austin. You can google the actu­al event and read the history. I tried to most­ly stay away from just tak­ing pic­tures of wacky peo­ple, so I focused on wacky ani­mals and their peo­ple instead....
Turn the car around

Turn the car around

No seri­ous­ly, I swear there are zebras back there. Noth­ing like clas­sic week­end Amer­i­cana in Texas Hill Country. Best unex­pect­ed zebra detail: fuzzy ears I just hope they aren’t for sell­ing zebra meat.
Yawn, Snub, and Sigh

Yawn, Snub, and Sigh

These hip­ster city dogs are so disaffected. You can force them to lay down in line, but you can’t make them like it. Need­less to say, Inspec­tor Wig­glesworth is not impressed. He has more press­ing mat­ters to attend to.
I think I've been spotted...

I think I’ve been spotted…

Maybe I can just blend into the scenery… What if I smile like this? Or is that creepy? Ah geez, I’m going to end up stuffed on some­body’s side table like Uncle George. Aren’t I now… I’m just work­ing on a bit of this and that, so noth­ing so inter­est­ing to report. How­ev­er, I am con­stant­ly pick­ing up dec­o­rat­ing tips...
85,000 birds in the sky - the River of Raptors

85,000 birds in the sky — the River of Raptors

Or, more specif­i­cal­ly, 85,591 including: 33,376 Turkey vultures 7 Swal­low-tailed kites 1 Mis­sis­sip­pi Kite 8 Norther Harriers 29 Sharp-shinned hawks 39 Coop­er’s hawks 2 Gray hawks 5109 Broad-winged hawks 41,864 Swain­son’s hawks 16 Amer­i­can kestrels 5 Pere­grine falcons 5135 Unknown raptors Details here. See: All of this was in just one day observ­ing the Río de Rapaces, or Riv­er...
The waiting game

The waiting game

Some­times the light is just so beau­ti­ful in the morning.
Feeling Ready

Feeling Ready

I don’t think that pig helped me at all last year in the marathon, so I have a new mas­cot this time around.
Yucatan Peninsula - Day 6 - Isla Holbox

Yucatan Peninsula — Day 6 — Isla Holbox

We were done ear­ly after our bird­ing tour in Rio Lagar­tos, and so we head­ed for our sec­ond relax­ing day on the beach on Isla Hol­box. It is a quick fer­ry ride from Chiquila to the island, and then we walked down the sand streets to the beach and found a hotel. This was our sec­ond small...
Preview - Day 5 - Rio Lagartos

Preview — Day 5 — Rio Lagartos

I don’t have the time to fin­ish edit­ing all of the Rio Lagar­tos pic­tures today, but since they are the super-awe­some bird shots, I want­ed to put up a cou­ple of teasers. Back soon with many more flamingos. That’s one kick-ass tiger heron.
Scary amounts of work

Scary amounts of work

After vaca­tion there is always some blow­back, with about the same lev­el of scari­ness as the wilds of Cobá… No, real­ly, there is a lot of work to be done. Crazy how it just sneaks up on you. Now to go bare­foot through my dark, dark house. (shiv­ers)