It bog­gles the mind how much bet­ter sug­ar and choco­late can get, but make them into amaz­ing skulls and oth­er dec­o­ra­tions and there you have it. The ofren­das, or offer­ings for the day of the dead altars can be pic­tures, food, flow­ers, and many sym­bol­ic items. The pic­tures that I took, most­ly in the mar­kets, show offer­ings gen­er­al­ly made of pressed sug­ar and then dec­o­rat­ed. The items ranged from the most com­mon skulls, coffins and skele­tons to elab­o­rate minia­ture food items, like tiny plates of chick­en, mole, and rice or bas­kets full of pas­tries. Late in the after­noons, the bees were hap­py to find the sug­ary items, and I was even hap­pi­er to pho­to­graph them.