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Holiday Time

Holiday Time

Being with fam­i­ly for the hol­i­days is always a spe­cial, large­ly food-filled time. I’ve final­ly found the appro­pri­ate clock for telling hol­i­day time.
I am also thankful for...

I am also thankful for…

… won­der­ful bread from the best bak­ery in town that I get to take on a vis­it to see friends.
The first thing I am thankful for...

The first thing I am thankful for…

…is good cof­fee, first thing in the morn­ing. Donuts don’t hurt either, but aren’t required.
Day of the Dead 2012 - Marigolds and Altars

Day of the Dead 2012 — Marigolds and Altars

Walk­ing around town this year, I think that the Day of the Dead altars are still beau­ti­ful and well-craft­ed, but they seem small­er or less elab­o­rate. To sep­a­rate this year’s pho­tos from last year’s, I’m more focused on the marigolds. These are the tra­di­tion­al flow­ers use to hon­or the dead and are used on the altars...
Representative food

Representative food

This week­end is Mex­i­can Inde­pen­dence Day, and the tra­di­tion­al food around this time is a dish called chiles en noga­da con­sist­ing of stuffed poblano chiles with a cream sauce and pome­gran­ate seeds. So, the col­ors of the Mex­i­can flag are clear­ly rep­re­sent­ed. It’s quite rich, but I have played around with my own ver­sions a few times at home,...
Time to run some of this ceviche off

Time to run some of this ceviche off

And get to edit­ing. Back from the Yucatan and Quin­tana Roo and feel­ing relief from the heat and humid­i­ty. Some­times a week can feel like a nice long time. Lots of amaz­ing birds, sights, food, and time with my guy help. As if the flamin­gos aren’t teas­ing enough, the route we took:
Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

We don’t look that much alike, or I still just don’t see it. ;) Awe­some pho­to cred­it to Steve L. Find him here.
Semana Santa 2012 - talk about a good Friday.

Semana Santa 2012 — talk about a good Friday.

Last year’s East­er week was in town dur­ing train­ing and I kept myself occu­pied explor­ing the cul­tur­al side of the fes­tiv­i­ties in a very Catholic coun­try. So, I did­n’t feel the need to do that again, and I was hop­ing for a climb­ing trip. I was feel­ing frus­trat­ed that every­one seemed to have excit­ing plans and with myself for not just...
Return to the Winter Bouldering Grounds

Return to the Winter Bouldering Grounds

Just like the mon­archs return­ing to Mex­i­co in Win­ter, some things are sea­son­al­ly deter­mined, like a Tici­no boul­der­ing ses­sion if the weath­er allows in Decem­ber. Until the cloud­s dis­si­pat­ed and the full sun came out there was less activ­i­ty to be seen, but also like with the mon­archs, the activ­i­ty lev­el real­ly picked up once things warmed up a bit. It was...
Christmas Crafter's Paradise in Mexico

Christmas Crafter’s Paradise in Mexico

A cou­ple of weeks ago I went to the mar­ket to do my nor­mal shop­ping and I went in a side door. When I came out through the main door how­ev­er I stum­bled into a baf­fling array of moss­es, small wood­en hous­es, and even small­er plas­tic ani­mals.  Prob­a­bly due to the fact that I’m not what you would call a Christ­mas expert...
Day of Sustainable Technology Transfer

Day of Sustainable Technology Transfer

It just does­n’t have the same ring to it though. How­ev­er, dis­cussing Thanks­giv­ing dur­ing my Span­ish con­ver­sa­tion group this week, we stum­bled upon what the day is real­ly about. Sure, there are the parts about shar­ing the boun­ty of the har­vest, but the real­ly last­ing effects were the knowl­edge trans­fer and capac­i­ty build­ing from the...
Day of the Dead - Ofrendas

Day of the Dead — Ofrendas

It bog­gles the mind how much bet­ter sug­ar and choco­late can get, but make them into amaz­ing skulls and oth­er dec­o­ra­tions and there you have it. The ofren­das, or offer­ings for the day of the dead altars can be pic­tures, food, flow­ers, and many sym­bol­ic items. The pic­tures that I took, most­ly in the mar­kets, show...