It just does­n’t have the same ring to it though. How­ev­er, dis­cussing Thanks­giv­ing dur­ing my Span­ish con­ver­sa­tion group this week, we stum­bled upon what the day is real­ly about. Sure, there are the parts about shar­ing the boun­ty of the har­vest, but the real­ly last­ing effects were the knowl­edge trans­fer and capac­i­ty build­ing from the indige­nous peo­ple to the pil­grims. It might sound like I am reach­ing a bit too far for this expla­na­tion, and we did have a fit of laugh­ter after this dis­cov­ery. Well, I don’t have turkey brain to blame, but I will try to blame the car­ni­tas that is cooked in the butch­er shop a few doors down. I do not like the smell of car­ni­tas, and it’s not so great to look at either. That does­n’t mean I won’t share the image for every­one to form their own opin­ion. Also, my guy and I have an on-going joke about the so-called Mex­i­can food that he can get in the Bay area. I promised pic­tures to show him what it is real­ly all about.

*Dis­claimer. Post may con­tain no fac­tu­al infor­ma­tion, and there is a lot of authen­tic Mex­i­can food in the Bay area.*