It just doesn’t have the same ring to it though. However, discussing Thanksgiving during my Spanish conversation group this week, we stumbled upon what the day is really about. Sure, there are the parts about sharing the bounty of the harvest, but the really lasting effects were the knowledge transfer and capacity building from the indigenous people to the pilgrims. It might sound like I am reaching a bit too far for this explanation, and we did have a fit of laughter after this discovery. Well, I don’t have turkey brain to blame, but I will try to blame the carnitas that is cooked in the butcher shop a few doors down. I do not like the smell of carnitas, and it’s not so great to look at either. That doesn’t mean I won’t share the image for everyone to form their own opinion. Also, my guy and I have an on-going joke about the so-called Mexican food that he can get in the Bay area. I promised pictures to show him what it is really all about.

*Disclaimer. Post may contain no factual information, and there is a lot of authentic Mexican food in the Bay area.*


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  1. What are the ingredients? I really liked a Chinese dish my mother made that we called ‘hamburger and green bean mess’ and that would look pretty awful in a picture. So I’d like to keep an open mind, to start.

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