After climb­ing in Sala­man­ca, Gua­na­ju­a­to yes­ter­day, I think that I’m just miss­ing one of the “local” crags — those with­in say an hour to an hour and a half away — before I have the com­plete set. The miss­ing locale is an old crater and sup­posed to be nice, but we’ll have to see how it com­pares to the beau­ti­ful rock at Sala­man­ca. Although the rainy sea­son is bring­ing in the after­noon storms and kept the tem­per­a­ture down all day, we fol­lowed the shade around the crag to stay out of the sun, which is a huge advan­tage, or even a require­ment, for climb­ing in Mexico.

Upon approach, it did­n’t look like the crag was that big, but it just kept going and the routes kept com­ing. Of course, it seems to keep get­ting hard­er as you fol­low the wall, but that just means I have to go back and get on those hard­er ones ear­li­er in the day. After the whole week of man­dat­ed train­ing, I start­ed the day a bit out of sorts, but end­ed tired and sat­is­fied. I’m work­ing on a series of posts not com­plete­ly about train­ing, won­der­ful reflec­tions and intro­spec­tions on my first year of ser­vice. I’m sup­posed to be get­ting a bunch of things done today, but edit­ing and post­ing these pic­tures just some­how became the priority.