A new perspective

After visiting the place many times over roughly a year and a half and climbing there for nearly as long, the one thing that was missing from my Bernal experience was actually climbing up the whole damn thing. Well check that off my list in a most pleasant way. We picked one of the classic […]

Where not to climb

Everything looked good until the rope started to bump the wasp nest on the way down from the anchor. Guess that is an active nest after all… I didn’t have the big lens with me, but the growing swarm of wasps was quite evident, and they seemed agitated. Good thing there are plenty of other […]

Winning is a lot of fun

With trepidation I went to the Festival Internacional Salva el Diente this weekend outside of Guadalajara. After a late arrival, I wasn’t sure how I was going to be feeling for the 10k trail race early on Saturday morning, but I just wanted to run as a part of my marathon training (which is only three weeks away!). I […]

Power through it

If I can’t climb on the weekend, then I can at least power through some work.

Getting ready

Best watched on repeat. chalking-up2 from Karen M on Vimeo.

Almost a complete set

After climbing in Salamanca, Guanajuato yesterday, I think that I’m just missing one of the “local” crags – those within say an hour to an hour and a half away – before I have the complete set. The missing locale is an old crater and supposed to be nice, but we’ll have to see how […]

Local Crag Thursday

In which Sarah and I take a late-afternoon jaunt out the crag for some training on real rock. Also, the gym was closed.

Local Crag Sunday (Issue #5b)

In which Sarah and I meet a new climbing crew (go blog power!) and have a bush-whacking backtrack adventure before getting to the pretty, pretty routes. Karen has a power lead day, albeit on nothing harder than probably a 10b, but still has a great day on lead even through another blazing hot day probably over […]

(Pre-)Local Crag Sunday (Issue #5a)

In which it really is just too hot to climb properly, but Sarah and I have a great time biking our way out to the local crag and nearly kill Billie the dog. Billie is a trooper though, and recovers while Sarah and I suffer through a few routes. All is well though, and really we […]

Semana Santa 2012 – talk about a good Friday.

Last year’s Easter week was in town during training and I kept myself occupied exploring the cultural side of the festivities in a very Catholic country. So, I didn’t feel the need to do that again, and I was hoping for a climbing trip. I was feeling frustrated that everyone seemed to have exciting plans […]

The body and mind

They are willing, but the skin cannot hold – in the Buttermilks. I made much better progress on a project (Solarium, V4) in the Happys yesterday. I very nearly had it, but the top sloper was just a bit too slippery in the hot afternoon sun.