You can either ignore the pile of dirty laundry in the background or see it as an indicator. I leave it to each of you individually to decide as you see the events of the week unfolding. Holy crap it’s only Tuesday. It better not start raining. I need to go for a run. There are just no interesting pictures to be had from sitting in front of the computer for many hours a day, but Cariño was able, if not happy, to provide a short burst of entertainment and a poignant statement at the same time.

 Basically things are both working out and blowing up simultaneously, and I’ve discovered that I really, really hate heartburn – or the fire that burns like a thousand suns inside me at 3am and I have no idea where it is coming from and laying down makes it worse and sitting up in bed in the middle of the night sucks. Oh, maybe it is partly from the stress and partly from some yet-to-be-discovered species of Urulóki-amoeba. Yep, that’s probably it.


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