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There's always something else

There’s always something else

Well, my new Texas dri­ver’s license says that I am offi­cial­ly a res­i­dent. It’s nice to be back to read­ing a paper each morn­ing, includ­ing the cross­word in a lan­guage where I stand a chance. Sun­days seem to just dis­ap­pear into the big ones. Still, I did­n’t expect it to be like this… What is a Chi­wee­nie? Oh dear lord. Then I googled it. The...
Wild and crazy gals

Wild and crazy gals

And two def­i­nite­ly wilder canine boys. You know who is the per­fect pic­nic com­pan­ion when you aren’t drink­ing? Yes, real ques­tion, not the set-up to a bad one-lin­er. Preg­nant ladies make the best friends when you can’t drink either. Abbie and I got real crazy in the park on a beau­ti­ful Pres­i­den­t’s Day after­noon with sparkling cran­ber­ry cider...
Well now, that's a bit different

Well now, that’s a bit different

I start­ed edit­ing the pics I took of all my stuff while pack­ing, but they still throw me into a bit of a pan­ic attack, even know­ing that every­thing fit and all the trav­els went smooth­ly. So, in the meantime… Ewok dog makes a great tem­po­rary sub­sti­tute for my cat. And now, onward to the job hunt! (With a few...
Just hiding out for a few days

Just hiding out for a few days

Qui­et hol­i­days and New Year’s, but now there are plen­ty of things in the works. So, I’m keep­ing my head down, fin­ish­ing up a whole bunch of stuff, and doing some light cat-sit­ting in the meanwhile. More soon. Much more, very soon. Hap­py New Year and all that.
Don't forget me.

Don’t forget me.

One more soc­cer ball dis­tri­b­u­tion trip. One more soc­cer ball dis­tri­b­u­tion trip! Whew. The end is in sight. Actu­al­ly, I will prob­a­bly be more sad than glad that the project is com­ing to a close. It has been a lot of fun trav­el­ing around and vis­it­ing all the dif­fer­ent Vol­un­teer sites to cause chaos (with the best of...
The waiting game

The waiting game

Some­times the light is just so beau­ti­ful in the morning.
This explains some things

This explains some things

Main­ly like why the vol­un­teers have had such hit-and-miss luck with vet­eri­nar­i­an­s for our adopt­ed pets.
Superhero or SNAFU?

Superhero or SNAFU?

You can either ignore the pile of dirty laun­dry in the back­ground or see it as an indi­ca­tor. I leave it to each of you indi­vid­u­al­ly to decide as you see the events of the week unfold­ing. Holy crap it’s only Tues­day. It bet­ter not start rain­ing. I need to go for a run. There are just no inter­est­ing...
I know you're back now, but you still left

I know you’re back now, but you still left

Just a kit­ty place­hold­er while I edit pho­tos from the week­end, and the guilt is just too much. Not that her pho­to on the blog appeas­es her as much as wet food.
Time to play

Time to play

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

Besides the Jacaran­das and the return of mos­qui­tos, there is the return of the heat. Even my cat has had to make a con­ces­sion to the ris­ing tem­per­a­tures and can no longer nap com­plete­ly under the covers.
In like a lion

In like a lion

How’s about I like lyin’ in my bas­ket. hahahahahaha. No seri­ous­ly, I had a request for more cat pics. I swear.