There’s always something else

Well, my new Texas driver’s license says that I am officially a resident. It’s nice to be back to reading a paper each morning, including the crossword in a language where I stand a chance. Sundays seem to just disappear into the big ones. Still, I didn’t expect it to be like this… What is […]

Wild and crazy gals

And two definitely wilder canine boys. You know who is the perfect picnic companion when you aren’t drinking? Yes, real question, not the set-up to a bad one-liner. Pregnant ladies make the best friends when you can’t drink either. Abbie and I got real crazy in the park on a beautiful President’s Day afternoon with […]

Well now, that’s a bit different

I started editing the pics I took of all my stuff while packing, but they still throw me into a bit of a panic attack, even knowing that everything fit and all the travels went smoothly. So, in the meantime… Ewok dog makes a great temporary substitute for my cat. And now, onward to the […]

Just hiding out for a few days

Quiet holidays and New Year’s, but now there are plenty of things in the works. So, I’m keeping my head down, finishing up a whole bunch of stuff, and doing some light cat-sitting in the meanwhile. More soon. Much more, very soon. Happy New Year and all that.

Don’t forget me.

One more soccer ball distribution trip. One more soccer ball distribution trip! Whew. The end is in sight. Actually, I will probably be more sad than glad that the project is coming to a close. It has been a lot of fun traveling around and visiting all the different Volunteer sites to cause chaos (with […]

This explains some things

Mainly like why the volunteers have had such hit-and-miss luck with veterinarians for our adopted pets.

Superhero or SNAFU?

You can either ignore the pile of dirty laundry in the background or see it as an indicator. I leave it to each of you individually to decide as you see the events of the week unfolding. Holy crap it’s only Tuesday. It better not start raining. I need to go for a run. There are […]

Signs of Spring

Besides the Jacarandas and the return of mosquitos, there is the return of the heat. Even my cat has had to make a concession to the rising temperatures and can no longer nap completely under the covers.

In like a lion

How’s about I like lyin’ in my basket. hahahahahaha. No seriously, I had a request for more cat pics. I swear.