Step 1. Leave Tulum heading south. Stay on the coastal road.

Step 2. Drive to end of road.

Step 3. Once in town, drive to end of road.

Step 4. Stay in beach cabana on practically private beach.

Requirements: faith that the town really exists at the end of the road and bug repellent. Snorkel gear wouldn’t hurt either.

Sure, sure they offer day tours down to this town within the Sian-Ka’an Bioreserve, but that is not sufficient. I suppose the boat tours are great, but this was such a relaxing and beautiful place to be that taking one wasn’t even necessary. We took a walk out to the black lagoon, and nearly stayed there an extra day. As it turns out we kept finding interesting spots and sights, but I think I would have also been happy here for a few days. At night I think there were 2 other tourists in town – had to be the case we only saw two other foreigners at the one place open for dinner. Plenty of ex-pats, but where can’t you find some wild gringos down there transplanted for the immense beauty of the region?

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  1. I see you stayed with Niki, bueno! She’s the best! We go to PA often and stay with her. I have a google alert set for any mention of Punta Allen, so I got taken to your blog today. Nice photos!

    Catherine Pringle, Minneapolis

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