Birds, birds, birds. Rio Lagartos is another town at the end of the road, but this time on a lagoon. The area is known for birdwatching, and it is another protected Mexican biosphere reserve. Along with Celestun, this is one of the places to find large flamingo colonies. We didn’t see the thousands of flamingos that are sometimes reported, but there were plenty and they are amazing.

After a somewhat uncomfortable night due to the heat and humidity and weak fans, it wasn’t hard to wake up and get out the door before sunrise for our birding tour. Fantastic. Definitely one of the highlights, although I think you can skip the pseudo-spa mud part and stay with the birds. I’ve temporarily misplaced my sighting list, but some other highlights that we saw but didn’t photograph are roseate spoonbills, parrots, and a raptor.

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  1. Some GREAT flamingo pictures. They sure look awkward as they are taking off, and even up close as they fly. How close did you get to them? On Isla Holbox, they said we had to stay 100 meters away.

    1. We got very close, probably a bit closer than strictly allowed, and I had the big zoom lens. I feel a bit guilty about disturbing them, but getting to see them take off like that was pretty neat. They don’t look like they should work with that crazy body.

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