I mean, I’m stuck on the couch now, but it is totally worth it since I achieved my goal of a sub 4h marathon. I finished right around 3h57m and a bit, and it was so satisfying. I felt great for almost the whole race. Kilometers 33-38 were kind of rough, but I had banked enough time to handle a gentle reduction in pace. It is amazing what a difference not having crippling knee pain can make. The extra year of running seems to have made quite a difference, and having a great support team (Thanks Mike!) provide just enough encouragement to suck it up and give a little more for the final 2k. Also, the race was much better supported and the correct distance this year. I turns out that last year’s marathon course was on the long side – closer to 44km rather than just over 42km.

I should demand a refund for my “anti-blister” socks though. I knew I would have some blisters about halfway in, but when I took off my shoes after the race, it was a bit shocking. So, here is the warning for the foot-phobic. Gross feet pics are coming. Although, maybe the socks worked and the blisters would have been even worse…

Stupid shower upstairs. I’ll just keep writing to put off the getting-off-the-couch-and-up-the-stairs process. First my post-marathon knees – compare to last year.

I’m realizing that no one really needs to see these pics, but I feel like documenting them for myself. I will make them all smaller than normal as a concession. You can click to enlarge them if you must.

There are all sorts of secret blister surprises that aren’t even visible in this shot.
I didn’t even feel this one, but it is the most visually disturbing.
I mean, how does that even happen?


These secret, underside of the little toe ones (on both feet) were the problem spots I could feel during the race.

All totally worth it, of course, especially compared to last year. And now to face the stairs up to the bathroom. I wish I had some cake.

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  1. I don’t remember your Dad’s feet, but those toes definitely are shaped like mine. I didn’t realize that ‘looking alike’ meant our feet :-)

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