The title is in honor of my good friends and the great times visiting them, and even helping them with a work event. The tequila and movie-going were fantastic, but I also had a good time working at the city park where they were assigned and trying to wrangle group after group of teenagers to listen to a short talk about biodiversity and then looking at the birds.

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It was a lot easier to identify these birds thanks to the new book “Las Aves del Municipio de Puebla” published by members of the Club de Observadores de Aves de Puebla (COAP), including volunteer-extraordinaire Jajean Rose. This book is an educational and illustrated guide to the birds in and around the city of Puebla, and it can be downloaded here.

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  1. Oh Karen, you are so sweet. We really enjoyed all the good times. And it was so nice to have an extra teenage wrangler. By the way, that flycatcher of some sorts was actually a marsh wren, I think.;) Te extrañamos mucho!

    1. Teehee! I’m blushing to be called sweet, and happy to be sending visitors to your blog. I hope you keep posting. But seriously, I miss you guys too. Thanks for the bird ID.

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