We were done early after our birding tour in Rio Lagartos, and so we headed for our second relaxing day on the beach on Isla Holbox. It is a quick ferry ride from Chiquila to the island, and then we walked down the sand streets to the beach and found a hotel. This was our second small splurge night. We stayed a very nice (by our standards) hotel and relaxed, read, and swam for the afternoon. The town is full of Italian restaurants, but we passed those up for street tacos for dinner. The island is nice and although we were getting back to the more touristy and popular places, it didn’t feel too busy. It was the tail end of high season for Isla Holbox because of the whale sharks that are around there during the summer. Again, we skipped all the tours in favor of our own exploring.

So, the next morning we got up earlyish and had a nice birdwatching walk. This island is in another biosphere reserve and is also known as a birding hotspot. Lots of interesting birds as long as you have plenty of mosquito repellant.

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