TB Chronicles – curious compatriots

As the days speed by towards half-way through my INH treatment, I have been feeling that it is time for an update. However, I have nothing to report for myself. I have no isoniazid side effects and my monthly refill visits to the Texas Health Department have been so easy as to be near delightful. […]

TB Chronicles – 7 days down…

263 to go…Or 1 week down, 35 to go. The days make it sound much worse. Week one on the medication has been rather uneventful. I’m still sitting in front of my computer a lot – writing cover letters now, and trying to finish up all the Mexico loose ends. The days go back very […]

TB chronicles – Chest X-Ray, 2 Views

I have my appointment with the health department to discuss and presumably start treatment for latent TB later this week. Meanwhile, I picked up the blood test report, and the nifty CD with my digital chest x-ray on it.  I also had a nice conversation with a Peace Corps Nurse, and former PCMO, in the […]

TB testing – round 2

At this point I have my FUTB shirt in-hand, and I have earned it. I spent a morning last week running around from the doctor to various labs to have blood taken for the QuantiFERON (Gold!) blood test and a chest x-ray. It was all pretty easy except the first lab I went to didn’t […]

That’s quite a TB test you have there…

At first, I was going to take a few shots because it was such an eye-catching circle that the lab drew on my arm, and why not? It’s surprisingly hard to take a good shot of the near-elbow region of your own arm, so the challenge was interesting. The other spot outside the circle is […]