As the days speed by towards half-way through my INH treat­ment, I have been feel­ing that it is time for an update. How­ev­er, I have noth­ing to report for myself. I have no iso­ni­azid side effects and my month­ly refill vis­its to the Texas Health Depart­ment have been so easy as to be near delight­ful. After an errant blood sug­ar test result dur­ing a rou­tine liv­er func­tion test returned a val­ue so low that I basi­cal­ly should­n’t be able to wake up in the morn­ing, I did a few days of self-mon­i­tor­ing. Turns out I’m fine. Per­fect­ly bor­ing, nor­mal blood sug­ar val­ues. The lack of pass­ing out or cold sweats had me feel­ing con­fi­dent about this one, but you nev­er know.

Instead, I would like to present some inter­est­ing results from my con­stant web­site ana­lyt­ics surf­ing. Upon sec­ond read­ing, I real­ize that the descrip­tor “inter­est­ing” is rel­a­tive. The rest of this post is me get­ting nerdy with my num­bers. Since writ­ing about and post­ing my TB test result pic­tures, my site has become much more pop­u­lar — with a cer­tain crowd. I have dai­ly traf­fic from peo­ple look­ing for TB-relat­ed con­tent. So, let’s take a look at some num­bers. You have been warned, twice now. To sim­pli­fy mat­ters a lit­tle, I am only going to look at traf­fic from the US. I will attack the inter­na­tion­al sta­tis­tics in the future.

To start, what are the inter­est­ing ques­tions?: how many peo­ple are com­ing to the site for TB con­tent, and which TB con­tent; how are they find­ing the con­tent, i.e., search­es; where are they com­ing from; what do they look at on the site; and do they come back.

The loca­tion part is espe­cial­ly inter­est­ing. Gets me think­ing about dis­ease track­ing, or maybe just TB screen­ing in this case. I won­der with more time and data if some con­nec­tion could be found between the loca­tions of peo­ple search­ing and TB screen­ings and/or LTBIs. I will cer­tain­ly let you know when the CDC comes ask­ing for my data.

I have 4 posts explic­it­ly about the con­sump­tion that I am using for this analy­sis: that quite a TB test…,Round 2, Chest X‑ray, and 7 days down


Since post­ing the first TB update on Jan­u­ary 12th, the 4 TB posts have received 1,536 Vis­its from 1,476 Vis­i­tors, com­pris­ing 38% of my total vis­its, and 46% of my total visitors. These vis­its have result­ed in 2,273 pageviews.

The first TB post get’s the lion’s share of the vis­its — 1,336 vis­its, 87% of all these visits.

96% of these vis­its come from new vis­i­tors who spend an aver­age of 45 sec­onds on the site. 1,468, of the vis­its were sin­gle visits. Hmmm… my user engage­ment is clear­ly lack­ing. I’m not keep­ing peo­ple around. These read­ers are in and out for the infor­ma­tion about TB.

TB engagement 2

TB engagement 1


I love heat maps with bub­bles. Even bet­ter would be if I had time to over­lay the map of my TB vis­i­tors with US pop­u­la­tion, but that just isn’t going to hap­pen today. What you don’t get to see, but is even bet­ter about cruis­ing around the full data set is that I get to keep zoom­ing down into the detail. Just a cou­ple of maps here for now though.

Lin­coln, Nebras­ka, I don’t know what you have going on there, but you stand out a bit in the mid­dle of the coun­try. How­ev­er, you aren’t spend­ing enough time to real­ly read any­thing, so I don’t know what is going on. I extend my thanks to Austin, Seat­tle, Hous­ton, and all the oth­er cities where you are read­ing my con­tent, and check­ing out some oth­er posts as well.

TB map 1 cities

Good job Ver­mont! You are the only state that has no inter­est in TB test­ing. If I may be so bold as to say so. Clear­ly if you are not even stum­bling upon my site for a sec­ond, then there is zero inter­est in TB there. Still, not even fam­i­ly mem­bers in oth­er states that dri­ve some curi­ous search­es? Does the speed read­ing in New York state have any rela­tion­ship to the speed with which peo­ple talk there? So many more ques­tions! But I will nev­er post this if I can’t be sat­is­fied with this pre­lim­i­nary investigation.

TB map 1 states


51% of this TB traf­fic comes to my site via search. The top 10 search key­words are:

pos­i­tive tb skin test”, “pos­i­tive tb test”, “tb test pos­i­tive”, “tb test”, “what does a pos­i­tive tb test look like”, “tb skin test”, “pos­i­tive tb test results”, “pos­i­tive tb test look like”, “pos­i­tive tb test on arm”, “pos­i­tive ppd test”

I think you get the idea. The next 20 key­word terms are slight vari­a­tions on those, with some TB chest x‑ray terms thrown in, and my name.

I’m still dig­ging into the image search ver­sus reg­u­lar search, and the result­ing down­loads. Appar­ent­ly quite a few peo­ple want to save my indura­tion and chest x‑ray pics. I try to keep an eye on where they are end­ing up, but I’m sure I’m not doing a very good job. This goes with a larg­er ques­tion I have been wrestling with. To water­mark or not to watermark?


Not real­ly as inter­est­ing to look at what time of day peo­ple are search­ing. The larg­er ques­tion of look­ing for spikes in vis­its by geo­graph­i­cal region is fas­ci­nat­ing, but I just don’t have time to delve into it right now. It’s tak­en me long enough to get this info sort­ed and uploaded.


This should either be the sum­ma­ry sec­tion to draw con­clu­sions about my TB-lov­ing audi­ence or a sec­tion on what type of oper­at­ing sys­tem, brows­er, and device peo­ple are com­ing to my site from, but that is even less inter­est­ing. I refer you to my com­ment re:time in the When? sec­tion above to explain my lack of analy­sis. Besides, that’s not the point. I get to look just as much into the data as I want to here, and no more. Com­ment below if you have spe­cif­ic ques­tions, and we will do it up next time!