I got back late last night from a great weekend in Puebla visiting my best girlfriend and co-volunteer. We didn’t even really do anything except catch up, and that was perfect. I only messed up a little on the way back, because I thought that I had bought my bus ticket online the day before, except that I didn’t see the big, red  “transaction denied” at the bottom of the receipt for the ticket. So, I showed up at the bus counter, with plenty of time, insisting that I had a reservation. It didn’t take too long to figure out that it wasn’t just my Spanish that had been lacking, and by that time there were no more seats on the bus I had been planning to take. Luckily, I only had to take one an hour later, and all was fine.

Back to Puebla though:

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It is the rainy season, and the weather is even stronger in Puebla than where I live. So, the panoramas and the views of the volcanoes are not great. Even with the clouds, Popo was amazingly striking in person. The pictures don’t do it justice. It was the perfect backdrop as we went shopping for Pueblan Talavera pottery. I found a beautiful serving plate. I’m even happier with it at home than I was in the store.

The other main even for the weekend occurred as we were walking down the Cholula pyramid. We spied 4 men in traditional costume atop a pole in the middle of a little square. They proceeded to essentially dive backwards off of the pole and spin around the pole via ropes attached to the legs and feet as they unwound like a maypole. The pictures explain the process better than the written description. I’m still investigating what this was all about, but it was a neat little show to stumble upon.

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