I got back late last night from a great week­end in Puebla vis­it­ing my best girl­friend and co-vol­un­teer. We did­n’t even real­ly do any­thing except catch up, and that was per­fect. I only messed up a lit­tle on the way back, because I thought that I had bought my bus tick­et online the day before, except that I did­n’t see the big, red  “trans­ac­tion denied” at the bot­tom of the receipt for the tick­et. So, I showed up at the bus counter, with plen­ty of time, insist­ing that I had a reser­va­tion. It did­n’t take too long to fig­ure out that it was­n’t just my Span­ish that had been lack­ing, and by that time there were no more seats on the bus I had been plan­ning to take. Luck­i­ly, I only had to take one an hour lat­er, and all was fine.

Back to Puebla though:

It is the rainy sea­son, and the weath­er is even stronger in Puebla than where I live. So, the panora­mas and the views of the vol­ca­noes are not great. Even with the clouds, Popo was amaz­ing­ly strik­ing in per­son. The pic­tures don’t do it jus­tice. It was the per­fect back­drop as we went shop­ping for Pueblan Talav­era pot­tery. I found a beau­ti­ful serv­ing plate. I’m even hap­pi­er with it at home than I was in the store.

The oth­er main even for the week­end occurred as we were walk­ing down the Cholu­la pyra­mid. We spied 4 men in tra­di­tion­al cos­tume atop a pole in the mid­dle of a lit­tle square. They pro­ceed­ed to essen­tial­ly dive back­wards off of the pole and spin around the pole via ropes attached to the legs and feet as they unwound like a may­pole. The pic­tures explain the process bet­ter than the writ­ten descrip­tion. I’m still inves­ti­gat­ing what this was all about, but it was a neat lit­tle show to stum­ble upon.