Many of these pho­tos are among my favorites that I shot over the hol­i­day. I thought about keep­ing these for the last Dia de los Muer­tos post, but then I was moti­vat­ed to edit them first. So, here they are, from two events. The first was a La Cat­ri­na con­test with large paper mache designs, and the sec­ond was the year­ly per­for­mance by a local artist who dress­es up as La Cat­ri­na and gives a show. I feel extra lucky to have attend­ed this year, because there were actu­al­ly four Catri­nas wear­ing pre­vi­ous year’s cos­tumes on stage. As each of the four Catri­nas came on stage after anoth­er, each one seemed more spec­tac­u­lar than the last, until the last and main Cat­ri­na final­ly arrived in the monarch but­ter­fly theme. I was glad I had my big zoom lens, but the black was still dif­fi­cult to pho­to­graph. The white Cat­ri­na was eas­i­est to cap­ture in the dark, and edit­ing the magen­ta ones has giv­en me fits.

Still to come: altars, ofren­das, the ceme­tery, and unre­lat­ed to Day of the Dead — giant ale­bri­jes in Mex­i­co City!