Craft break

While killing some time during a day of surveys for the stove SPA project, we stopped outside a small shop in town. I was waiting in the car looking through the door at an array of sweaters and blankets on the walls while our counterpart when in to talk to someone. It was too intriguing […]

Pinal de Amoles and one Puente de Dios

It was really hard to narrow down the 200-odd pictures I took last weekend down to the just-under 40 that I am showing below. The Río Escanela near Pinal de Amoles in the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro turns out to be just as beautiful as the soon-to-be off-limits Huasteca region in San Luis Potosí. I […]

Beautiful and fun

No, no, I’m not talking about myself, like always, but instead the river, canyon and waterfalls at the Río Escanela near Pinal de Amoles. Saturday was a perfect day for a hike in and besides the river. I didn’t wear the best clothes for swimming, but that didn’t matter when we got to the real […]

My favorite type of day

Full of good people talking about good things over great food, and I have a new certificate of appreciation for the solar stove and efficient cookstove work.

More Acrobatics!

Both a demand of life in general and an exclamation about the show Puntos Suspensivos by the Mermejita Circus last night. Wonderful, simply wonderful. Also, how I feel lately about the twists and turns in all my projects, and then the title is read as an exasperated sigh.

The most wonderful time of the year

The circus festival is back! The circus festival is back! Forget all other ways of marking Peace Corps service time, I am now just counting time in between festivals of acrobatics. Tonight was the kick-off of the 5th annual Festival Internacional Alternativo de Artes Escénicas, or Siguientescena. It seems a little smaller than last year, but […]

Planta Madre

Planta Madre is a group committed the conservation, cultivation, replanting of cactus and medicinal plants in the Bernal area of the state of Querétaro. The work in the protected area of the Peña de Bernal and have a large production greenhouse in San Antonio de la Cal. The group has been in existence for 6-7 […]

Solar Oven Workshop Goodness

It was my second time participating in the solar oven workshops, and the first workshop in round two of the series, but actually workshop number 4 so far in total. As long as we are all clear now… Where the first workshop was general information and data collection, this workshop was the hands-on session. The […]

The problem when it’s not your camera…

… is that you don’t have any of the pictures to work with after the trip is over. Instead, I’m at the whim of my guy to choose and send me some. Still, what is worse is arriving home at 11:30pm to an apartment where the power has been cut because the power bill did […]

What’s mine is yours

Of course, I’m referring to the upcoming pictures in this post from the just-ended, and thanks to Aeromexico, extended visit by my guy. He arrived on Thanksgiving, and we had 5+ days together for his first visit to Mexico and our second visit since I arrived here in March. I am so happy that it […]

Are there circus groupies?

The 4th annual festival of alternative arts (Festival Siguientescena 2011) in town did not disappoint last week. Consisting of “unconventional theater, dance, and circus” performances, the general quality of the talent was extremely high. Full of great music, dance, and people doing generally crazy things with their bodies, these types of performances are some of my […]