While killing some time dur­ing a day of sur­veys for the stove SPA project, we stopped out­side a small shop in town. I was wait­ing in the car look­ing through the door at an array of sweaters and blan­kets on the walls while our coun­ter­part when in to talk to some­one. It was too intrigu­ing to not take a closer look. As it hap­pens, we were stopped a local wool weaver’s shop, Don Victor’s. The prod­ucts were beau­ti­ful and they had some rea­son­ably sized blan­kets with great pat­terns. So I bought a blan­ket to add to my neb­u­lous col­lec­tion of future presents or per­sonal keep­sakes. The shop and work­shop were con­nected, and Don Vic­tor invited us to take a look around. I wasn’t really pay­ing atten­tion, but he gave a quick demo.